How do I get to Medellín airport from the hostel?
There are two different ways to get to Medellin airport from the hostel. You can either take the Medellin bound bus and tell the bus driver to let you out in Guarne.  From there you cross over to the road and flag down the bus going to the airport. You can also take a taxi straight from the hostel to the airport for 90,000 Pesos, which we can arrange for you.

  Are there outside areas in the Hostel to relax?
Yes! We have 2 balconies, as well as a decking area facing the lake. Great in the morning with a coffee, or even better with a cold beer in the evening as the sun goes down!

  How do I get to Medellín city from the hostel?
The buses leave every half hour from Guatape at the full hour and half hour and pass by the hostel 4/5 minutes later. Flag down the bus to get to the northern bus station in Medellin, which is linked to the metro system.

  When is the first and the last bus from Medellín?
The first bus leaves at 6:30 in the morning and the last bus leaves at 6:30 at night.

  How do I make a reservation?
We prefer direct reservations made through our website or email, so you pay no commission on HostelWorld or HostelBookers. We are always quick to reply!

  How far from town are you?
We are located on the lake 3 km's from town. To walk is about 30 mins, there are also very cheap collectio jeeps passing by the front door of the hostel every 5/10 minutes. We are also 15 minutes walk to the foot of La Piedra (the big rock!) To get to town in the collectivo takes about 4 or 5 minutes.

  Do you speak English/Spanish?
Yes, we speak both English and Spanish.

  Do you accept credit cards?
Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards, just cash, but there are ATMs in town

  Do you have Wi-Fi?
Yes, we do provide Wi-Fi throughout the hostel.

Do you have towels available?
Yes, we provide free towel use for everybody in the hostel.

  Do you have TVs in the bedrooms?
Yes, we do have one private room with cable TV but please let us know ahead of time if you would like to reserve that room. We also have a large plasma TV in our main communal area to watch films or sports.

  Do you provide breakfast?
No, we do not provide breakfast but we do serve free coffee in the morning. We also have 2 kitchens as well as 2 restaurants and a shop within a 30 second walk from the hostel.

  Can I cook at the hostel?
Of course! We have two well-equipped kitchens.

  How well equipped is your kitchen?
The kitchens are fully equipped with everything you could wish for including a set of Global knifes (some of the best in the world!)

  Do you provide spices in your kitchen?
Yes, we provide all our guests with the use of our extensive spice rack, as well as butter and oil, free of charge.

  Do you sell alcohol?
We do not have a full bar but there is beer and wine available on a trust system tab (paid at the end of your stay). You are also free to bring and drink anything you would like bought outside the hostel.

  Do you play any music in the hostel?
We love music here, mainly in the funk, soul, reggae, old hip-hop style. Strictly no Reggaton!

  Do you have a dog?
Yes we have the friendliest dog in the world named Lulu!

  Do you have any camping facilities?
Sorry, but we do not have any area to set up tents.

  Do you have any movies to watch?
Yes, we have over 150 films and over 30 TV seasons.

  Are there any restaurants or shops near the hostel?
Next door, there is a small shop who sell all basics and on the other side of the hostel are 2 local restaurants.

  Are there any markets in town to buy food?
Yes, there are 3 supermarkets and a few butcher and vegetable shops around town. (We have them shown on a map in the hostel)

  Are there any vegetarian restaurants in town?
There is a vegetarian restaurant called Namaste but also Don de Sam and Hecho con Amor have delicious vegetarian dishes.

  Is the area safe?
Guatape and the surrounding area is very safe and all the locals are very friendly.
 We have a strict no drugs policy at the hostel. You can however drink as many beers as you like!